Who says it still has to be manual?

Seamless Integration

Simply select your chart of accounts and Flowify will start working for you.

Tracks Processing Fees

Ever wonder how much you are spending on credit card processing? Flowify knows the answer.

Account for Refunds

Most Shopify store owners fail to track their refunds. Get Flowify so you are ahead of the game.

Automated Transactions

Let Flowify account for you while you sleep. No more manual entry! Every payout is automatically recorded.

Transaction Previews

Not sure what is happening with your accounting? Review all your Flowify entries before input.

Free Updates

We are constantly rolling out new features. So stay ahead of the curve with Flowify.

Amazing Support

Get timely and dedicated support from a team that knows accounting like the back of their hand.

Saves Time

Spend less time accounting with Flowify and more time doing what you love. Like anything but accounting.

Easy Reconciliation

Easily reconcile your bank account every-time with Flowify. No more incorrect balances!

Integrations that (actually) work

Our product integrates with the following:


Integrates all sales, refunds, fees, bank deposits and more straight from your store.

QuickBooks Desktop

Download an IIF file that you can import directly into QuickBooks Desktop.

QuickBooks Online

Automated daily imports into QuickBooks online that can be set up in under 5 minutes.


Records all sales, refunds and fees on a daily basis keeping your PayPal accounting balance up to date.

Integrations that (actually) work

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