The Best Apps to Automate Your Shopify Store

Yes, it’s possible to fully automate your Shopify store. But before downloading all the apps and ending up with a complex and barely functioning Franken-store, you’ll want
to get an expert opinion and keep everything as streamlined as possible. 

Flowify - The Best Apps to Automate Your Shopify Store

Why does an expert opinion matter when selecting which Shopify apps to use? The fact is, the Shopify app store can be a minefield. Unfortunately, these days you can’t go by ratings alone, because some of the most popular, most reviewed apps may have changed, become obsolete or even completely stopped working.

So, we took it upon ourselves to create an “it-list” of the best Shopify apps that you can download (in order!) to create a Shopify store that works smarter and harder, while
still being sleek, easy to use, and 100% predictable.

Here at Flowify, we believe in the power of automation to reduce errors and save time. But there’s a right way and wrong way to go about it. We’re passionate about seeing Shopify stores grow and scale. Take a few minutes and automate your Shopify store by downloading these apps right now.

automate your shopify store

If you’re going to automate anything for your Shopify store, start with simplifying your accounting and finance tasks first. These expensive and time-consuming tasks are just begging to be automated, and fortunately for you, there are some excellent apps that will save the day. You’ll be glad you got these heavy-lifting apps downloaded right away before orders start mounting. 

Imagine having an expert bookkeeper and accountant organizing your financials with every Shopify sale you make, all day, every day. What would that cost to hire out? $300 a month? More? When it’s time to do your reporting, the feeling you get opening up clean and organized statements, with no surprises and no missed line items is absolutely priceless. 

flowify main logo

Flowify is that magical app (we’re not biased at all ;-). And it costs less than you think.
Flowify integrates all sales, refunds, fees, bank deposits and more seamlessly
into QuickBooks without requiring you to do much of anything. If you have
consistent sales in your shop, you’ll easily be getting 10+ hours a week back
just from this one app, and you’ll save a ton of money at tax time too. 

Next, you’ll need something to help you manage your cash flow and inventory. While anyone can
appreciate the novelty of seeing their Shopify store’s sales trends and inventory needs in one place, this essential business intel will keep you from sinking in a sea of overstock and low inventory nightmares. You just might sleep better, feel more stable, and prevent burnout as a business owner with this app. 

Give your shop ninja-like selling powers by offering promos and financing options to your customers. Think of Klarna as the millennials’ layaway. We love that this app keeps it seriously simple for you as the shop owner, even on the bookkeeping side.

Flowify Klarna Banner

Technically, this isn’t really an app, as Shopify Payments comes with your account. But if you
don’t turn it on, you’ll be wasting a lot of time going from one third-party payment portal to another, activating a bunch of subscriptions. Not to mention, third-party payment processors cost money. So why not skip the hassle and save some cash with Shopify Payments? 

Best Shopify Operations Apps

There are so many operations tasks that can be simplified through automation. Here are a few of
our favorites that you can install quickly and easily. 

Flowify Orderly Print Overview

Keeping complex orders organized is tough, but Orderlyprint makes everything second-nature. As the name suggests, Orderlyprint helps you sort, pack, and fulfill your Shopify orders with customizable printables, provides automated order tracking, and gives you lots of options for bulk orders, too. 

It seems too good to be true, but you can score major discounts from USPS, UPS, & FedEx with this app – up to 55% off. Shipstation means business, with the ability to create hundreds of labels at a time for USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post, and other carriers. It also syncs with an impressive array of other apps.

Protect your bottom line by avoiding major shipping cost flubs. With the Intuitive Shipping app, you get scary accurate shipping calculations so you can keep your margins. The “flexible conditions” settings and discount exclusions in this app also allow you to offer wholesale pricing confidently. 

Flowify intuitive shipping

If you’re wondering if there’s a way to easily look super polished right out of the gate, you can! The Order Printer Templates app promises that all your invoices, receipts, packing slips, and return forms will look beautiful and on-brand in 5 minutes or less. 

Best Shopify Marketing Apps

Making ads and social media content can be fun at first, but it’s all too easy to let this essential part of your business fall through the cracks. Get some smart marketing apps on your side so that you have the power of a full-blown marketing team without even having to think about it.

Flowify FOMO screenshot

FOMO stands for “fear of missing out,” and this amazing app helps you generate genuine FOMO buzz right inside the pages of your store. This app can make anyone in your Shopify store think they “gotta buy it now” with tricks like showing how many other shoppers are looking at the same product they are, displaying product suggestions, and showing just-purchased messages. 

They say it’s far easier to turn a past customer into a repeat customer than it is to get a brand new customer. Lucky you – there’s an app for that! This nifty app can notify your customers when products are restocked by sending an automatic email or text message. Back in Stock is one of the best ways to reward your die-hard fans, as it gives them first dibs on your… well… back-in-stock products. 

Flowify Plug in SEO

Become easier to find on Google search with this app. Every time you upload a new product for sale, Plug in SEO will guide you in filling in the key information so Google and other search engines have something to sink their teeth into. Already uploaded your products? Not to worry – the app will also notify you of SEO issues so that you can easily fix any problems in a jiffy. 

Best Shopify Customer Service Apps

You may be a customer service whiz, but you’re only one person. Even if your shop is tiny, you can have the appearance that you have a full-blown customer service team in place. Keep your hard-earned reputation intact with these apps. 

Flowify zendesk logo

This app helps your customers help themselves. Zendesk promises to provide your customers with a quick help desk turnaround with little to no hassle. Billed as an “omnichannel customer service and engagement platform,” Zendesk allows you to help your customers across pretty much every channel – through phone, chat, email, social, you name it. 

Planning to have your cell phone as the main point of contact for your store? Uh, oh – trouble ahead! Protect your time and sanity with a little professional distance from customer calls. For a very reasonable monthly price, Grasshopper gives you one Toll-Free or Local Number with unlimited extensions, custom recorded greetings, voicemail and great features like forwarding, call screening and voicemail-to-email.

Flowify Richpanel screenshot

Last but not least, Richpanel is a fantastic Shopify app. It serves as an all-in-one help desk with live chat, chatbots, and more. Richpanel also gets stellar reviews in the Shopify store. So if you’re looking for a streamlined customer service solution that’s powered by future-forward tech, then Richpanel is a safe bet. 

There you have it. A seamless, super-smart, expert-approved set of apps that will rocket launch you into automation nirvana. OK – that might be a bit overstated, but you get the point. To scale your Shopify store, you need to start automating as soon as possible. We know these Shopify apps work great, will save you loads of time, and will provide an impressive user experience for your customers, too.  

Flowify The Fastes Way to Grow at Scale is to Outsource Menial Tasks to Proven Shopify Apps

So go on, load them up! And don’t forget to start with Flowify for Shopify accounting. Flowify takes care of your Shopify accounting so that you can focus on what matters most – growing your Shopify business.

With Flowify, Shopify store owners can completely automate their accounting integration with
Quickbooks. It couldn’t be easier to track Shopify sales, inventory, refunds, processing fees, bank deposits, and more.

Get started today and see how a support team of accountants and bookkeepers can help you to better manage your Shopify store accounting. Think of us as your QuickBooks-Shopify connection. We’re here for you. So let’s grow together. 

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